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    Resin Art


    Resin Art is a new art form which is becoming very popular worldwide.
    Entire international communities are formed on social media channels, by people who create beautiful art with resin.

     - But what exactly is Resin Art?

    Simply speaking, we can call it Epoxy art. This involves casting an object with epoxy resin. Epoxy is a two-component resin. By mixing the two components, a chemical reaction takes place which gradually hardens the liquid resin into a hard plastic.

    You can choose from crystal clear epoxy resin, which gives you an enlarging effect. Or you can add pigments, glitter or glow-in-the-dark-pigments to create textures like marble or even water. The possibilities are endless. From decorating jewelry, accessories, coasters, cutting boards and canvases to designing furniture pieces and decoration. With resin you achieve spectacular results.

    We are happy to give you some examples.




    Kitchen Accessories

    To create all of these wonderful items yourself, you can use our V-Sure products. These are user-friendly and a step-by-step plan will guide you through the entire process. You are also welcome to contact us by mail. Our advisors are happy to answer all your questions.

    Did you know that we organize workshops where our specialists teach you the basic techniques after which you can get started yourself? Register quickly because places are limited.

    In the meantime, take a look at our Instagram or Pinterest page for more inspiration and info.

    Ask our consultant for more info on our products and technical sheets. They will be happy to help you in english.

    Hope to see you soon.

    - Vosschemie Benelux | V-Sure



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